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With our specialist knowledge and experience in aircraft and airports around the world, we are adept at providing customized aircraft charter solutions for all industry sectors

Full Charter

We offer full aircraft charter with precisely tailor-made arrangements suited to your needs. Personalized route and schedule planning, chartering the best suited aircraft and taking care of all safety issues ensure your valuable cargo reaches the destination safely and on time.

Part Charter

By consolidating similar air charter requirements from various customers we combine the charter services to offer cost-saving options for transportation of your cargo. While utilizing the available resources we not only take into consideration the cost incurred upon you but also the environmental impact.

Combined Charter / Scheduled Service

The most cost-effective measure, our combined charter services offer to airlift your cargo by chartering spare capacity on scheduled freighter planes along the same routes. This is a quick and lucrative option saving you precious time and money and having your cargo delivered at the same impeccable service standards.


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