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Urgent air charter for mining equipment
A 55-ton heat exchanger was required in a mining field. Production had been put to a halt due to current equipment breakdown before the routine planned maintenance service date. Customer was losing millions of dollars (USD) with the system failure.


  • A 55-ton heat exchanger urgently required in a mining field
  • Production came to a standstill due to current equipment breakdown before the routine planned maintenance service date
  • Customer losing millions of dollars (USD) with the system failure
  • Cargo must be airlifted within 5 days from the manufacturer’s plant and flight was confirmed 2 days prior to the lift
  • Traffic rights permit required minimum 5 working days for approval
  • The cargo not ready for air transportation since the supporting cradle was not build at the time of flight confirmation
  • Long flying hours coupled with crew rest requirements further reduced the probability of arriving at destination on time, incur further cost for our client


Thanks to our good reputation and strong relationships with overseas agents, the permits were acquired just in time. Design of support cradle was approved and built within 48 hours with the help of manufacturer’s engineer and carrier’s load engineer. The idea of placing slip crews in between the flight route to take over from initial flight crew helped in significantly reducing flying hours and also achieving arrival date line.

With cautious planning and foresight all the challenges were tackled and the issue was resolved before it became a hurdle. In turn we helped the client save precious time and money.




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