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Double Whopper Oil and Gas Disaster Emergency Response


  • A request to be on standby for a possible activation to response to a well-head accident on board an offshore drill platform.
  • Emergency services called for over 60 tons of fire-fighting equipment at Darwin, Australia.
  • The main aim of the activation and equipment was to prevent the imminent meltdown of the platform which would have been highly toxic to the marine environment, threatening the ocean flora and fauna.
  • No suitable equipment available at the airport nearest to the accident site to handle some of the fire-fighting equipment which weighs more than 10 tons.


A 747F was placed on standby, ready to load. Close coordination with client and various government ministries at destination helped us secure urgent approvals for the emergency service and getting landing permits. Due to the unavailability of resources to offload the heavy equipment from the 747F aircraft at destination airport, the aircraft was diverted to park at the military ramp nearby. The whole charter flight operation was completed within 2 days.

Emergency response to onshore oil-well incident

We received yet activation by the same oil-well client in the midst of emergency response to the offshore incident above. This was for their land-based gas pipeline incident, disrupting supplies to a widespread area. The exercise involved the emergency transportation of over 200 tons of fire-fighting equipment.

The packing list included high capacity-high pressure fire-fighting pumps, long length cargo such as 40' Integrated Pipe Rack cum Workshop weighing 16 tons. To add to the equipment was the heaviest unit – a 35 ton bulldozer! 2 AN-124s were organized to load all the equipment including the 35 ton bulldozer which was driven into the AN-124. The equipment was delivered within 2 days and the oil-well fire was brought under control and the oil leak stopped within 2 weeks.




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