The Pacific Airlift Experience
Urgent shipment for exhibition equipment
and props

An exhibition was about to begin in two weeks.


  • An exhibition was about to begin in two weeks.
  • The equipment and props were always sea-shipped before but never airlifted
  • Air Traffic Rights approvals were needed once flight was confirmed.
  • Irregular shapes and volume of cargo were a challenge during pallet build ups to maximize aircraft space
  • Load all cargo in only two B747F aircraft.
  • To add to it, the dismantling and transporting of show equipment and props from exhibition hall to the airport could only be done after 2300 hours once the exhibition hall closed for the day.
  • Consecutive 7 days of night operations
  • Transport and cargo build up at the airport terminal
  • In short, coordination and accountabilities of cargo were the major pointers


All traffic rights were approved within the next 3 to 5 days, sea containers were not used so as to maximize aircraft space, careful planning for the cargo build-up was done to meet aircraft internal contours, Mobilizing maximum manpower available for dismantling, transport and build-up of cargo in between exhibition hall and airport terminal and involvement of 7 trucks and trailers between exhibition hall and terminal assured the smooth flow of cargo build-up in preparation for aircraft loading. Cargo was labelled after dismantling and information was sent to PIC in airport terminal to ensure receipt of cargo prior to build-up.

The first aircraft arrived on day 3 of second week and first batch of cargo was loaded without many issues, while the dismantling, transporting and build-up of cargo was in progress for the second aircraft. Second aircraft arrived on day 5 of second week and the rest of the cargo was loaded smoothly. Both flights met clients’ requirements to arrive in final destination for show setup and opening events on time. Through careful and thorough planning, we managed to exceed the client’s expectations by smooth coordination and execution of transporting large volume of cargo using just two chartered flights.




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