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  • Short notice given to deliver a massive volume of mobile phones
  • Sourcing for a competitive aircraft charter


Upon receiving the request from our client, we contacted operators of wide body aircrafts in our global database. These comprised a wide range of aircraft types. We proposed to our client solutions with multiple options such as aircraft types, 747F, DC 10F, MD 11F, 777F, A300-600F, schedule and prices. Once the decision was made we quickly proceeded to put the permits in place and coordination for the cargo to be ready for the pallet build up for loading.

Having delivered over a million mobile phones worldwide we literally helped keep the world connected! Apart from Asia, we have offered the most cost-effective charter options to carry cargo to Europe, Middle East, Americas and Africa. A range of aircrafts from 747F, AN-124, DC10 and the A300F connect you to our global network.




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