The Pacific Airlift Experience
From tents to food supplies for humanitarian relief


  • Confusion on the ground
  • Unknown airport conditions
  • Potential tremors which pose high risk of endangering the life of the air crew and losing the aircraft.


Pacific Airlift was one of the first charters to respond to the 26 Dec. 2004 tsunami disaster in Medan, Indonesia. Upon receiving news of the severe earthquake which caused unprecedented tsunamis, we anticipated that there would be many lives lost and many more to save. We activated an emergency response plan, putting all the operators available in Asia on standby and staying in touch with our agents in those affected areas to get updates on the conditions of the airport and communication channels.

We successfully activated and handled many flights from AN-124 delivering a mobile hospital, ambulances, x-ray machines, 727F sending much needed relief cargo, to looking after the food and medical supplies for an hospital ship anchored off the coast of Banda Aceh. Our appreciations of the essence of time and experience in arranging relief flights puts Pacific Airlift in the ‘Always Ready’ mode since disaster gives no warning




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